Early concepts
(inspiration clippings on the left and sketches on the right)
At this early stage, the name of the venue was in flux and a very family-friendly tropical theme was being proposed.

Later concepts show a less kitschy approach—more emphasis on sports and a twenty-something vibe.
We started looking at tribal tattoos and authentic polynesian ornamentation for inspiration. I preferred the Moari-inspired head but the client went with the sun and moon, thinking the daytime and nightime active hours were a critical component of the business.

A series of ornaments inspired by Polynesian arts

Once the logo was set in stone, I was invited to design the restaurant's first menu. There was no photography of the bar's offerings, so a typographic solution was needed. I went back to my original inspiration —artifacts and ornamentation of the South Pacific and created a toolkit of ornaments and flourishes.

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